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Aberstar Fast Freight Ltd., a Longtime Champion of LTL freight, Is Now in Full Expansion Mode as a Top Provider of Time-Critical Expedited Shipping Solutions

Aberstar Expedited
Mississauga, Ontario – These days, Mike Rogers, General Manager of Aberstar Fast Freight, is a very busy man, as he at any time of the day is in charge of overseeing more than 50 shipments and pickups across North America—and they are all, without exception, time-critical.

Aberstar’s Owner-Operators are the Driving Force Behind Our Success!
Mike, commenting about his daily routine, says, “It is less of a challenge when you’re running state-of-the-art Track-and-Trace software, thanks to, our technology partner Vehicle-path. As for our road assets, we prefer Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans.” He continued, “Owner-operators make up the bulk of our workforce. They are very capable and dedicated men and women. No puns intended here—they are the driving force behind our success.”

Mike talks as his eyes are focused on a multi-screen desktop station. Watching him, you can’t resist the thought that he is trying to understate the immense complexities of managing teams of logistical analysts, customer service representatives, dispatchers and drivers.

Track-and-Trace Technology Helps Clients Mitigate the Risks of a Segmented Supply Chain
Aberstar’s Expedited Service Division was developed in response to a supply chain market that is looking towards mitigating the risks of unified localized production, according to Mike Rogers. He explains, “Now companies have segmented production processes—things are made in multiple locations. Transport networks have to adjust to fit this business model.

“With the advent of better communication, technology companies are looking to diversify and delocalize production. They can’t do that without equally technologically-enabled efficient, reliable and safe transport systems. Here at Aberstar Fast Freight, we offer our clients exactly that kind of service. In many ways, we become an integral and important part in the supply chain of our clients. It is often quite seamless. Managers can track and trace their products along the way and count on them arriving on time.”

Expanding on how this service model was developed, Mike added, “That is only from the manufacturing side. The same thing can be said about the business-to-consumer side, as now we see massive multiplication of mega warehousing serving big web stores that are constantly demanding that goods be moved in an efficient and cost-effective fashion.”
“For all these reasons,” Mike continued, “we had to react and develop a set of logistical solutions that are time-critical and best suited to the current pressing marketplace demands.”

About Aberstar Fast Freight
Aberstar Fast Freight Ltd. services cover all of Canada and the U.S. Aberstar team is highly experienced in LTL, Expedited and Overnight Rush shipments. Additional customized logistical solutions can be tailored to clients’ specific needs. Our delivery times range from same day to three-day delivery, depending on the client’s requirements. All shipments are handled at our home terminal in Mississauga and delivered to the consignee.

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Road Safety Tips

As an owner-operator and professional truck driver at Aberstar, you are aware that safety on the road is critical to shipping your cargo as well as the success and welfare of our company. Long-haul trucking is considered one of the most essential and dangerous jobs in the United States. At Aberstar, we highly prioritize our professional truck drivers. Hence, we came up with our Top 3 Road Safety Tips to help guarantee the safety of everyone:

• Maintain your truck – Ensure that your truck is in good condition all the time. A full vehicle check every morning, particularly the brakes, is vital to detecting anything unusual before you taking on a trip. It is always better safe rather than sorry.
• Load cargo wisely – Higher stacked cargo creates more drag on you r truck. Spreading freight throughout the full loading area improves fuel economy and keeps your vehicle agile. Therefore, you get to save on time and fuel accordingly.
• Take care of yourself – Get adequate sleep, eat healthily and exercise often. This will help you maintain focus and withstand long driving times behind the wheel. Remember this not only for your own safety but also for others on the road.

At Aberstar, road safety is in the heart of our business as it drives our day-to-day major operations. It only goes without saying that we care about our responsibility words our clients, our team and foremost the general public.Our road safety tips will be deemed useless if our professional truck drivers do not carry them out. That’s why at Aberstar, we make sure to provide extensive and proper training, mentorship and support to everyone in the team.

Interested in becoming an owner-operator for Aberstar? Then call us today at 1 905 826 0128 to learn more. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Mike Rogers
GM, Abertar Fast freight

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Do you want to become an owner-operator?

Do you want to become an owner-operator in the trucking industry? According to many financial indicators and our own experience, now is a great time to make that move. Perhaps you already have professional driving experience, or maybe you’re simply an entrepreneur with a strong business acumen. Regardless of your background, ABERSTAR FAST FREIGHT is here to provide viable solutions to help you start your transportation business.
We enable your success as an Owner-Operator
Some might argue that our concept isn’t new…that it’s been done before. Though there may be a few other companies that claim to offer similar solutions, I can say with great confidence that no other business entity is able to offer ABERSTAR FAST FREIGHT’s wide variety of services while remaining fully committed to your personal development as owner-operator.

We’re here to help all of our owner-operators meet their business goals and to achieve the level of success they desire. But we are just as committed to fostering our relationships with our various financial and carrier partners. The benefits of those strong relationships will also be transferred to your business. It is essential for us to make sure we’re aligning all of our partners with the right entrepreneurs, and these decisions are made using various selection metrics we’ve developed and perfected during our years in the trucking business.

Take the first step and call our offices to set up a short meeting. We’ll walk you through our selection process. I assure you it has been designed to not only protect you and your family, but to set you on the road to success.
Mike Rogers, General Manager
Aberstar Fast Freight,

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Manage your assets

Better Performance with Proper Assets Management

As an owner-operator, you understand the vital nature of proper assets management and maintenance in the trucking industry. Aside from basic vehicle care and safety, driver performance has the most significant influence on your operating expenses.
Shipping and freight transportation intelligence begin with the following tips:
An overview of operating expenses – This enables you to determine what is cutting into your profits, such as labor costs, fuel expenses or vehicle wear and tear.

• Basic vehicle protection – In order to boost performance, your drivers and mechanics must understand that proper inspection processes and maintenance are essential to cutting costs and avoiding breakdowns.

• Locating trucks and drivers – Real-time asset visibility software permits you to identify exact positions of vehicles, get drivers back on track and dispatch those closest to your customers.

Here at Aberstar Fast Freight we do our best to make sure that our owners/operators are to maximize their profitability by providing them with proper Aberstar Fast Freight dispatch team runs state-the-art logistics software to optimize asset exploitation and limit unnecessary unprofitable runs.

Mike Rogers,
Gen. Manager
Aberstar Fast Freight LTD.

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Staying Healthy While on the Road

Hello Aberstar Family,


We are a team here at Aberstar Fast Freight and that means each member is critical to our success. I am not just General Manager Mike Rogers, I’m also your friend and the coach of this team. All of that means that I care not only about the success of our operations, but also the overall well-being of each and every member of the Aberstar family, that includes our in office team,, fleet managers and our associate owners-operators.

I expect you to give a 100 percent to this team and you can’t do that if you’re not giving 100 percent to maintaining your own health. An unhealthy body cannot produce good results. Remember, I have to be able to trust that when I give you play time out on the road you are alert, and have the capacity to handle any situation you may face on the road.

Through the years I have been a witness to some great success stories and some failures, to the best of my judgment, health and well being was a big factor in determining how well an individual will do in our sector. So, let me share with you some road health advice.

If you don’t sleep, you don’t drive

One of the most important and also one of the easiest things you can do to improve overall performance is get enough sleep. You are manning a big piece of metal and that means it is essential that you are alert at all time, not just for your own safety but also for others on the road.

Sometimes it can be tempting to drive those extra few hours to pick up an extra load, but don’t do it. If you veer off the road due to lack of sleep you could hurt yourself or someone else, damage equipment, ruin the reputation of the team and put us through some significant financial difficulties.

I as your coach need you to get your rest, seeing you walk in with black circles under your eyes doesn’t give me very much confidence in your alert level on the road. In fact, simply seeing those black circles is reason enough to bench you for the day since you could be a risk to yourself and others out there on the road. Commit to getting a minimum of 6 hours of sleep each night.

Get physical and get working

You need to move, you have to move to get that blood pumping and to keep you alert. Physical exercise isn’t just a tool to keep you physically fit, it also keeps you mentally fit and that’s important when you’re out on the road by yourself in new places.
I’ve found the best way to get activity in your day is first thing in the morning. Go for a run for at least 15 minutes and build your endurance so you can run longer and further.
You can also incorporate little things into your routine like stretching every time you stop. Another little trick to getting your body moving is to park as far away as you can when you stop for a bite to eat or coffee. You can chart up quite a few miles in a week by the simple park and walk.

And take some initiative, keep a set of dumbbells in your truck or some other sporting equipment so you can do some muscle building. It’s a great way to break up the day and get an energy boost that will keep you clear-headed on the road.

Why nutrition matters

Now, for many of you guys being out on the road means eating a lot of fast food and that is bad news team. You’ll eventually be carrying a tire around your waist, and this can lead to a host of health problems.

Like I said earlier, each of you are critical to the success of this team, but I can only play the players that I know are capable of taking care of themselves and also in turn their equipment.

You know what I think works really well is a trip to the grocery store before you head out on the road. There, you can pick up some snacks that will be much better for your sitting body than chips and donuts. You can grab bananas and peanut butter or packaged celery, carrot sticks that come with dipping sauce, nuts and dried fruit are also good as is tuna packed in water.

I realize you can’t take too many perishables and if you really can’t pack yourself a healthy meal, make the right choices when you pull over for food. Eat in accordance to how much physical activity you’ve had, if you haven’t had much than eat something lighter like grilled chicken breast. However, by all means, if you went for a long run in the morning than you deserve to tuck into that steak.

Get it, got it, good!

I need my guys healthy and alert and if that’s you then you’ll be getting a lot of play time in Aberstar Fast Freight. However, if that’s not you, don’t worry, it’s not too late to become one of the star players of the Aberstar team. Use some of the tips I’ve jotted down for you and I know you’ll see a big difference in your performance and I will see it too.

Your success is my success, so stay healthy and let’s win this game together.
Again if you think you’re ready for this road trip to success, don’t hesitate to contact me at
or call our offices at 905-826-0128

G.M Mike Rogers
Check these sites out for more tips on getting healthy.


Career Tips for Owner-Opertors to be

If you are thinking about becoming an owner-operator at Aberstar Fast Freight, the first thing to consider is your temperament. Are you suited for maximizing all your available driving hours? Do you need to be home to take care of loved ones on the weekends? Are you in good health? These are practical considerations, but if you think you are the right person for this job, here are a few helpful tips. The independent owner/operator has the luxury of choice and plenty of freedom, but they will still need to work with companies to find work. Before signing a contract, consult with the enterprise and see what they offer you. Some businesses can offer regular or long-term work as well as other benefits like mentoring or further training.

Always act professionally no matter what the situation is. Reputation and word of mouth is very important for careers as an owner-operator at Aberstar Fast Freight. Everyone trusts a recommendation from a close friend, so try to make a positive impression on everyone your work with. Be patient. This job requires a lot of determination as you get started. When you purchase your first big rig, you make a long-term financial commitment. Do you want a new or used model? Aim for longevity, reliability and versatility. More than ever, fuel economy should be at forefront of your mind as you decide between vehicles. Gas will always be a cost of business, so minimize it if possible.

Mike Rogers,

General Manager, Aberstar Fast Freight