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Better Performance with Proper Assets Management

As an owner-operator, you understand the vital nature of proper assets management and maintenance in the trucking industry. Aside from basic vehicle care and safety, driver performance has the most significant influence on your operating expenses.
Shipping and freight transportation intelligence begin with the following tips:
An overview of operating expenses – This enables you to determine what is cutting into your profits, such as labor costs, fuel expenses or vehicle wear and tear.

• Basic vehicle protection – In order to boost performance, your drivers and mechanics must understand that proper inspection processes and maintenance are essential to cutting costs and avoiding breakdowns.

• Locating trucks and drivers – Real-time asset visibility software permits you to identify exact positions of vehicles, get drivers back on track and dispatch those closest to your customers.

Here at Aberstar Fast Freight we do our best to make sure that our owners/operators are to maximize their profitability by providing them with proper Aberstar Fast Freight dispatch team runs state-the-art logistics software to optimize asset exploitation and limit unnecessary unprofitable runs.

Mike Rogers,
Gen. Manager
Aberstar Fast Freight LTD.

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