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Aberstar Fast Freight; Turning Cross-Border Shipping Daily Challenges to opportunities for Business Growth.

Aberstar Fast Freight: Transforming daily cross-border shipping challenges into opportunities for business growth.

Two different systems

Just ask Mike Rogers, the youthful General Manager of Aberstar Fast Freight (a business specializing in cross-border freight services) in Mississauga, Ontario.

“Allies, good neighbors and cousins…that may be true. But make no mistake — Canada and the US are two different countries with two different shipping systems, each with their own set of rules. Attempting to ship products without a strong knowledge of the regulations in place on either side of the border is not a risk you want to take with your business.”

With added anti-terror legislation and constant changes to customs regulations, cross-border shipping is becoming increasingly complex. Shippers need to keep an eye out for the unexpected pitfalls that can arise from an ever-changing system. Mike knows from experience that partnering with the right cross-border service can be the key to your success.

“Hiring the wrong service provider at any level of the supply chain can produce disastrous results, unwanted delays and hefty fines.”


Turning the daily challenges of cross-border shipping into opportunities for your business

Aberstar Fast Freight specializes in providing flexible, agile and swift cross-border shipping solutions for shippers, brokers and 3PL companies on both sides of the border. Aberstar Expedited is an on-demand, door to door cross-border freight service available seven days a week. Noted for its reliability and cost-effectiveness, Aberstar LTL service is an award-winning, leading freight service provider in the industry.

The Aberstar team brings extensive shipping experience, extended infrastructure and countless contacts in the industry. They’re skilled in creating customized shipping solutions that factor in client deadlines and budgets, as well as any special requirements for particular businesses.

50 years of combined experience in cross-border shipping
The Aberstar team brings more than 50 years of combined experience in cross-border shipping to the table, and they know that communication is essential for client satisfaction. Roger Ranger, Aberstar’s custom brokerage liaison officer, explains.

“Our aim is to provide a problem free cross-border movement of goods. We make sure the basics are covered, and that everything has gone though a licensed custom broker. But things like product-specific regulations, anti-dumping laws, and old fashioned human error can sometimes cause delays to occur. If and when such issues come about, we ensure that all parties are informed right away so that remedial and full compliance can be achieved immediately.”


Compliance is the key to Aberstar’s success
Mike Rogers discusses the juggling acts that Aberstar’s team performs daily in order to ensure client satisfaction.

“The nature of this business is fraught with challenges. As a manager with many assets on the road at any given time, safety is obviously at the top of the list, especially when dealing with two different sets of regulatory bodies in the US and Canada, as well as security concerns. It’s essentially an intricately managed jigsaw puzzle of human assets, equipment and client demands. Needless to say is it not a simple balancing act, but compliance is the essential everyday mantra, and the key to preserving that delicate balance.”

Cross-border shipping is simple and straightforward when you can rely upon a professional
According to Mr. Rogers, the simplicity lies in partnering with the right service provider.

“It’s as simple or as complicated as you want to be. You’re only a phone call away from sending your goods swiftly across border. But choosing the wrong service can set you up for complications, delays and financial losses.” It’s essential to do your research and select a reputable service provider who knows how to handle the journey all along the supply chain.
Cross-border freight is a highly specialized business, and carriers like Aberstar make sure to spend time on educating shippers with regard to the process. Aberstar dispatches custom clearance coordinators who work with shippers to make sure that all paperwork is filed correctly and that all deadlines are met. Aberstar drivers are experienced, licensed, trained and vetted to ensure clients are provided with a secure freight channel from beginning to end.

In order to provide seamless and swift cross-border freight services, Aberstar Fast Freight actively participates in border security programs including CTPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism), PIP (Partners in Protection), CSA (Customs Self-Assessment) and FAST (Free and Secure Trade). This is in addition to the various background checks regularly performed by Aberstar trainers and safety officers in order to ensure the utmost compliance with all rules and regulations.



Top Skills You Must Posses Be a Successful Owner Operator?

Do You Posses the Skills Required to Be a Successful Owner Operator?

If you’re thinking about becoming an owner-operator, you’ll need to have a good balance of the right skills, experience and mindset. There’s nothing quite like having your very own owner-operated transportation business, but without the right qualifications your business and overall success might be short lived. Take a lesson from financial controller Dan Bell from Aberstar Fast Freight to learn more about what makes for a viable candidate as an owner operator.


Take Direction

One of the best skills any business owner can have is to be able to take advice and direction from employees and clients. Doing so allows team members and clients to feel as if they’re actually part of your business and not just being used to build a business. It’s also essential that you have ambition and be able to work by yourself. Another great thing about having and showing initiative is that it can make it easier for you to build and keep business relationships.

Sharpen Your Decision-Making Skills

Be sure you sharpen your decision-making skills, as they’ll serve as an essential asset throughout your entire career as a driver, salesperson and entrepreneur. In order to reach a sound decision, you’ll also need to be a logical thinker and have the ability to see a problem or solution from every angle.

Learn and Adapt

Owner-operators should also be prepared to wear several hats to get their business off of the ground and help make it grow. For instance, learn a few accounting skills so that you know where, how and when to utilize your financial resources. It’s also beneficial to learn about marketing, the finer points of expedited shipping and industry trends. There’s a lot to keep up with, but it’s the cost of being the boss.


Money Matters

As you’re putting your business plan together, take a business accounting class, if at all possible. You may groan at anything having to do with accounting, but having these skills can help you to better manage your businesses finances. According to Bell, you need to:

• Learn how to contain costs
• Remain professional
• Be patient
• Work as much as possible
• Take heed to dispatch

On a related note, becoming financially literate is another important quality in an o/o. Learn more about the financial underpinnings of different types of shipping, such as time critical shipping and overnight shipping. Don’t just skim the surface when it comes to the transport industry, dig deep to see where the roots go and where they originated.

Avoiding Common O/O Pitfalls

It’s good to be aware of undesirable o/o qualities and common pitfalls as you’re learning about the better ones. After all, the only way to truly recognize the good is to be aware of the bad. The very first thing you’ll want to avoid is thinking you’re going to start making money the minute you launch your business. Just as it takes time for a tree to grow after you plant it, the same is true of your business as well as your profit.

Whenever you enter into a new business relationship, say with a company like Aberstar that sells freight services, learn how the company operates. Learn how much of a percentage you’ll receive as well as when you’ll receive your payment. Like any industry, there are periods of feast and famine in transportation. One of the reasons you’ll want to work whenever there’s work available no matter how tired you might be is so you’ll have finances to carry you through the lean times.

Find out if there are any charges for using a company’s services, such as insurance, cross-border shipping or fuel cards. Determine whether those service costs are worth it, if you have alternate options you can explore or if you can do without those services. Remember that sometimes you’ve got to spend money in order to make money.

Learn How Everything Breaks Down

Another reason to gain financial literacy is so you can better understand how your payment breaks down. Know how much of a percentage you’ll receive for every load you take, so that you won’t be shocked with you have a negative balance on your remuneration date. Account for fuel and insurance to get a more realistic idea of your final payment. A better way to look at your final remuneration is to consider how much money you actually receive rather than how much you’re paid.

While you’re at it, be sure you don’t forget about taxes, vehicle leasing, business registration, US Canada shipping and other extra costs that can shave off even more on your profits. You’ll be better off overestimating additional costs rather than underestimating them. It’s always better to receive more than you thought you would rather than less.

Being an owner-operator takes a lot of time, effort and energy, but it can also be a satisfying career for the right person. Take Bell’s advice into consideration and take your time when deciding whether or not you’d actually like to become a small business owner.


Our Conversations with Dan Bell, Financial Controller at Aberstar Fast Freight Ltd

It is no news that the most important part of any new business life-cycle is to achieve a good balance sheet. To shed some light at this important aspect of running a transportation business as an owner-operator we thought Dan Bell, Financial Controller at Aberstar Fast Freight Ltd, is the best person to talk to, and here is our conversation.

QDan if we are to list top qualities you would look for when selecting a candidate for an owner operator position at Aberstar what these qualities will be?

OK, I think these qualities all put are good ingredients for a successful career as an o/o:

Understanding and practicing good customer service

Ability to take direction(s) form clients, dispatch and other team members

Being an independent, logical thinker, are highly important attributes when making financial decisions an as a small business owner, you will be making a lot of decisions as you go on growing your business.

Ability to work independently and take personal initiative will win any small business owner good number of business relationships that will proof vital in his journey.

Ability to see big picture and operate accordingly. As an o/o, you are not only a driver or an entrepreneur you are salesperson, a marketing manager and accountant and few other things as well.

Cost monitoring and controlling abilities. Small things add up, as in the case for all small businesses, being able to control spending is a highly desirable quality.

Able to work “on-call”, such quality for sure will endure you to fleet managers and dispatch teams.

Strong business acumen. As an o/o you will make a number of finical decisions that are critical and require basic financial literacy.

Q- What accounting tips you usually give Aberstar Owners-Operators? What these particular tips?

• Contain costs
• Work as much as possible – do not turn down loads
• Rely upon and listen to dispatch
• Be patient and business-like

Q- What is the role of a good financial literacy in helping a new Owner-Operator succeed in his business endeavor?

Good financial literacy will assist the o/o in understanding the way the transport industry works and how Aberstar Fast Freight works. Without a constant eye on costs and without a healthy work ethic, an o/o can spiral into losses. Knowledge and monitoring the most important key to success

Q-What is the most common mistake or assumption new Owners-Operators make when the start this career?

Instant Cash will be my answer.

I have notice this issue with most new business owners. They get into business and expect instant returns’
Dan Bell, Chief Financial Officer,
Aberstar Fast Freight


I have notice this issue with most new business owners. They get into the business and expect instant returns. The transport industry professional (o/o) needs to understand its nature. Aberstar sells freight services which are provided either by company drivers or o/o’s. We constantly acquire new clients due to our reputation for great customer service and price to be quite frank. The o/o receives a percentage of the sale, just as Aberstar does. Aberstar gets paid well after the o/o does.

Aberstar has continuous expenses, and has evolved, as many businesses do, past the lean times, to a point where it can wait to be paid. Notwithstanding, we pay our o/o on 2 week delay. Also, we charge our o/o, if they use any of our services (fuel cards, insurance, etc.) as those expenses are incurred. What ends up happening, until the o/o gets past these “lean” times, is the o/o expects the rewards without enduring any lean times. The o/o has to imagine his initial remunerations to be as if he or she has submitted a bill, and it is paid in 30 days.

The common mistake can be summarized: The o/o takes a $1000 load from Mississauga to NYC on June 1, and returns on June 3 with a $700 load. June 14 is a o/o remuneration date. June 14 comes and the o/o sees his account with Aberstar at NEGATIVE $400. June 28 rolls around and it is another o/o remuneration date. The o/o sees his account – it is credited for the $1190 (70% * $1700) made on the June 1-3 trip and yet it began at NEGATIVE $400 for the fuel associated with the NYC trip. So his net looks like $790. But, June insurance was $650 so he receives a cheque for $140. He is not happy. July 14 is another o/o remuneration date – so we take all the trips from June 15 to 28, say they total $4000, of which the o/o gets $2800, then his fuel is say $1000, and that is it, he receives remuneration of $1800. See attached spreadsheet.

We thank Mr.Bell for his valuable contribution to Aberstar Fast Freight Blog and hopefully we can get him to weigh in on important issues such as business registration, Tax, vehicle leasing and so on.


Please note these are hypothetical circumstances. Numbers, commission percentages used here are to simulate  plausible scenarios and common practices in the industry.
Not all business face identical conditions. Data here doesn’t represent a particular o/o partner.

To join Aberstar O/O team

Call General Manager: Mike Rogers 905-826-0128 x234
Cell: 647-232-9894




Aberstar Fast Freight Ltd., a Longtime Champion of LTL freight, Is Now in Full Expansion Mode as a Top Provider of Time-Critical Expedited Shipping Solutions

Aberstar Expedited
Mississauga, Ontario – These days, Mike Rogers, General Manager of Aberstar Fast Freight, is a very busy man, as he at any time of the day is in charge of overseeing more than 50 shipments and pickups across North America—and they are all, without exception, time-critical.

Aberstar’s Owner-Operators are the Driving Force Behind Our Success!
Mike, commenting about his daily routine, says, “It is less of a challenge when you’re running state-of-the-art Track-and-Trace software, thanks to, our technology partner Vehicle-path. As for our road assets, we prefer Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans.” He continued, “Owner-operators make up the bulk of our workforce. They are very capable and dedicated men and women. No puns intended here—they are the driving force behind our success.”

Mike talks as his eyes are focused on a multi-screen desktop station. Watching him, you can’t resist the thought that he is trying to understate the immense complexities of managing teams of logistical analysts, customer service representatives, dispatchers and drivers.

Track-and-Trace Technology Helps Clients Mitigate the Risks of a Segmented Supply Chain
Aberstar’s Expedited Service Division was developed in response to a supply chain market that is looking towards mitigating the risks of unified localized production, according to Mike Rogers. He explains, “Now companies have segmented production processes—things are made in multiple locations. Transport networks have to adjust to fit this business model.

“With the advent of better communication, technology companies are looking to diversify and delocalize production. They can’t do that without equally technologically-enabled efficient, reliable and safe transport systems. Here at Aberstar Fast Freight, we offer our clients exactly that kind of service. In many ways, we become an integral and important part in the supply chain of our clients. It is often quite seamless. Managers can track and trace their products along the way and count on them arriving on time.”

Expanding on how this service model was developed, Mike added, “That is only from the manufacturing side. The same thing can be said about the business-to-consumer side, as now we see massive multiplication of mega warehousing serving big web stores that are constantly demanding that goods be moved in an efficient and cost-effective fashion.”
“For all these reasons,” Mike continued, “we had to react and develop a set of logistical solutions that are time-critical and best suited to the current pressing marketplace demands.”

About Aberstar Fast Freight
Aberstar Fast Freight Ltd. services cover all of Canada and the U.S. Aberstar team is highly experienced in LTL, Expedited and Overnight Rush shipments. Additional customized logistical solutions can be tailored to clients’ specific needs. Our delivery times range from same day to three-day delivery, depending on the client’s requirements. All shipments are handled at our home terminal in Mississauga and delivered to the consignee.

Contacts: Mike Rogers
Tel: 905-826-0128


Road Safety Tips

As an owner-operator and professional truck driver at Aberstar, you are aware that safety on the road is critical to shipping your cargo as well as the success and welfare of our company. Long-haul trucking is considered one of the most essential and dangerous jobs in the United States. At Aberstar, we highly prioritize our professional truck drivers. Hence, we came up with our Top 3 Road Safety Tips to help guarantee the safety of everyone:

• Maintain your truck – Ensure that your truck is in good condition all the time. A full vehicle check every morning, particularly the brakes, is vital to detecting anything unusual before you taking on a trip. It is always better safe rather than sorry.
• Load cargo wisely – Higher stacked cargo creates more drag on you r truck. Spreading freight throughout the full loading area improves fuel economy and keeps your vehicle agile. Therefore, you get to save on time and fuel accordingly.
• Take care of yourself – Get adequate sleep, eat healthily and exercise often. This will help you maintain focus and withstand long driving times behind the wheel. Remember this not only for your own safety but also for others on the road.

At Aberstar, road safety is in the heart of our business as it drives our day-to-day major operations. It only goes without saying that we care about our responsibility words our clients, our team and foremost the general public.Our road safety tips will be deemed useless if our professional truck drivers do not carry them out. That’s why at Aberstar, we make sure to provide extensive and proper training, mentorship and support to everyone in the team.

Interested in becoming an owner-operator for Aberstar? Then call us today at 1 905 826 0128 to learn more. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Mike Rogers
GM, Abertar Fast freight

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Do you want to become an owner-operator?

Do you want to become an owner-operator in the trucking industry? According to many financial indicators and our own experience, now is a great time to make that move. Perhaps you already have professional driving experience, or maybe you’re simply an entrepreneur with a strong business acumen. Regardless of your background, ABERSTAR FAST FREIGHT is here to provide viable solutions to help you start your transportation business.
We enable your success as an Owner-Operator
Some might argue that our concept isn’t new…that it’s been done before. Though there may be a few other companies that claim to offer similar solutions, I can say with great confidence that no other business entity is able to offer ABERSTAR FAST FREIGHT’s wide variety of services while remaining fully committed to your personal development as owner-operator.

We’re here to help all of our owner-operators meet their business goals and to achieve the level of success they desire. But we are just as committed to fostering our relationships with our various financial and carrier partners. The benefits of those strong relationships will also be transferred to your business. It is essential for us to make sure we’re aligning all of our partners with the right entrepreneurs, and these decisions are made using various selection metrics we’ve developed and perfected during our years in the trucking business.

Take the first step and call our offices to set up a short meeting. We’ll walk you through our selection process. I assure you it has been designed to not only protect you and your family, but to set you on the road to success.
Mike Rogers, General Manager
Aberstar Fast Freight,

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