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With an (Uber-Like) Business Model Aberstar Fast Freight is Taking the Lead as One of the Fastest Growing Expedited Cross-Border Shipping Solutions Provider.

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

“We have experienced a massive growth in the expedited division during the last couple of years” explains Mike Rogers, a youthful and energetic General Manager of Aberstar Fast Freight, “it all happened gradually, sort of in an organic fashion, we were mainly responding to expediency by our LTL clients, then that evolved into the current operational model”, he continued.”Our goal was to make sure that our shippers are pleased with our services. Achieving a higher customer satisfaction, has always been our mantra” Mike added.

Prior to the current expansion as a lead expedited freight company, Aberstar team was an award winning LTL freight runner. As Mike puts it ” It is not too hard to make the shift from LTL to expedited”, he adds, “Somehow someone has to step in and keep that supply chain from snapping”, we are truly glad to be selected for this challenge.

Cost-Effective, Time-Definite Deliveries, is What Aberstar Offers

In response to our questions regarding the extra value that Aberstar Expedite provides, Mike answered, “Most of our clients have particular requests due to time restrictions they’ re under, add to that product-specific requirements. A good example for that is trade show lightening and fixtures, not only they want the shipment on-time, as well, they want all dunnage removed so they can start installing in earnest”. “We work very hard to provide our clients with optimum service where it is time-definite, product-specific and cost effective. It is an everyday challenge, for sure makes my job an exciting one” Mike Adds.

Commenting on the current growth Aberstar Expedited is enjoying, Mike explained, “We also don’t nickel and dime our customer, we try not to charge our customers for waiting time or driver assists unless it’s excessive. We train our drivers to be aware of these issues so we all work together and help the clients to be successful which in return we get more loads and our driving force becomes more successful”

Owners-Operators are the Driving Force Behind Aberstar’s Success

Aberstar Team has developed a successful selection process to qualify potential owner-operator partners, after the qualification process, the candidates go through an road training program and basic business acumen sessions. “Only few years back, we were very proud to be an asset-based business, and we still run our own vehicles very successfully, however now, with such high demand, we can’t find enough drivers to cover all our service lanes,” Mike added, “And having a well-trained, entrepreneurial driving force turn out to have its many benefits to our organization and to the shippers” Mike explains. “Firstly, they’re conveniently spread out across our service lane which expands our reach and strengthen our efficiency and that in return saves our clients a good deal of money” He continued.

Regarding the training package Abertsar team offers to new recruits, Mike explains ” The training package for all our drivers and O/Os, is in no way a guarantee of their success, however, they’re certainly more likely to succeed with proper qualification and training than without it. That is why we emphasize that they do go through this regiment, especially when it involves border-crossing”.

Aberstar Customs Clearance Division Boasts Over 50 Years of Combined Experience
Aberstar customs division boasts over 50 yrs of combined experience. All of that knowledge is deployed to effectively to assist customers’ shipment flow through the border swiftly and help reduce waiting time charges, “We know this is what our expedited clients expect and that is exactly what we provide” added Mike.
When we asked Mike how to describes his job, he laughed and said “not sure how to word it, but we have a mechanical truck, a human driver, a cross-border client who wants his product yesterday, all added, makes for rather exciting and fluid situation, don’t you agree”, he exclaimed, “it can be challenging sometimes, but I guess you can call it experience, a set of skills and a finishing touch” Mike added, shaking his head, “Whoever you name it, at the end of the deal, day-in and day out, we follow through till the job is done and always done right” Mike continued, “If there are issues out of our control the customer is notified and updated instantaneously so they can keep their client updated”, Mike adds “We will be on it till freight is safely where it was heading.

At the moment Aberstar Expedited Services is seeking qualified owners-operators to fill in the positions for an ever-growing demand for reliable expedited drivers.



Contact : Mike Rogers

Aberstar Fast Freight
Tel: 905-826-0128

Aberstar Lease a Cargo Van

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Leasing Over Financing A Commercial Vehicle

Planning to acquire new equipment for your new venture? Faced with the dilemma of buying or leasing? The following points have been determined by industry experts to help you make up your mind and arrive at a sound financial decision that proves to be beneficial for your business in the long run. These are the top 10 advantages that come with a sound lease program:


Improves The Flow Of Cash With Significant Tax Savings


Your entire lease payment is tax deductible and does not subject you to heavy administrative duties. A lease does not impact your profit and loss statement since it is considered to be an expense. Many leasing companies have reported that leasing for commercial vehicles has witnessed tremendous growth over the last 5 years as open-end leases do not impose any monetary obligations at the end of the lease term except in case of body damage or wear and tear.

 Allows You To Keep Up With Advancing Technology


You can lease new or old equipment depending on your specific industry needs. With assets soon becoming outdated, short-term leasing is the safest option for companies who rely on advancing technology. Financing a commercial vehicle every few years can prove to be an expensive affair for a growing business.

Owner - Operator Budgeting

Boosts Your Business Even When The Cash Reserve Is Limited

Commercial vehicle financing calls for a huge investment initially which not a feasible option for a small business or a start-up venture that does not have adequate cash reserve to finance the purchase. With leasing, the initial investment is a fraction of the purchase amount and the following monthly payments are typically small viable figures.

 Allows You To Escape The Costs Of Tolls and Parking

Lease commercial vehicles are eligible for toll and parking deductions.

 Pick The Right Lease Category For A Profitable Business


A commercial vehicle lease falls into different categories. A close-ended lease allows you to walk-away at the end of the payment term without any obligations. No surprises await you at the end of the term with a close ended lease as the residual value is determined by the company. An open-ended lease gives the leaseholder the freedom to determine the vehicle’s residual value and when properly structured proves to be a profitable investment. It is least expensive as you only pay for the miles you run. A lease offers incredible flexibility during downtime and the lessee can also take advantage of a lucrative resale market. The lease provider takes care of all the tedious and time-consuming paperwork while you focus on the core operations of your business.


A Reduced Upfront Cost Enables You To Invest In Other Needs Of Your Business


The biggest benefit of a lease is the low initial investment which makes more cash available for you to invest in other areas of your business. A well-documented lease agreement means more cash on hand and more opportunities to expand your operations.

Lease with Aberstar Fast Freight
Aberstar Fast Freight Leasing Program



A Preset Lease Value Permits You To Acquire Multiple Vehicles Simultaneously

With a flexible lease credit line, you can acquire more vehicles in a short time span. It is a practical option for businesses that employ multiple vehicles for their operations. Leasing is the most viable way to save money when acquiring a new fleet. Many financial services provide lease and purchase options as well as insurance products to customers who choose commercial vehicles, including sprinter vans, and smart cars. Commercial vehicle customers in Canada enjoy the benefits of leasing, financing and insuring their commercial vehicles from Freightliner, Western Star, Thomas Built and Fuso via Daimler Truck Financial.



Avoid That Massive Depreciation Hit

With a lease, you do not have to worry about the shocking value of the commercial vehicle

which crashes down to almost 40% of the actual cost at the end of three years. Depreciation makes you lose a massive amount of money when you finance a heavy-duty commercial vehicle which can be easily avoided with a commercial vehicle lease.

 No Penalties Await You At The End Of The Leasing Period

Fixed priced maintenance plans, deduction of accrued mileage, value leasing programs, and preventive maintenance programs help in keeping the costs under control. There are no surprise penalties or unpredictable costs at the time of lease settlement.
Control Your Cash Flow

 You Enjoy Complete Control Over Your Cash

A commercial vehicle lease does not impact your company’s credit. Many lease programs have a no down payment option and give you a clear understanding of all the leasing expenses to be incurred during the payment term.

It is important to know that a commercial vehicle lease does not have a one size fits all program. Understand your business requirements, the purpose of your vehicle, the associated ancillary expenses of your lease, flexible payments terms, residual value, disposal fees, and security deposit if any before you finalize your decision to lease. Aberstar is an established logistics company of Canada offering timely, customizable, and cost-effective freight services throughout Canada and the US. The company has an in-house expert, Dan Bell who can help you know your options prior to making a final decision. Being an experienced financial controller of the company, he can help you weigh the pros and cons of leasing to ensure that you get the best returns on your investment. Avoid the downsides of an outright purchase of commercial vehicles and manage your assets wisely with commercial vehicle leasing.


Mike Rogers

GM, Aberstar Fast Freight Ltd.

aberstar fast freight

Mississauga’s Aberstar Freight and Logistics team is here to provide you with a viable career option as an independent owner-operator.

Dear friends and business partners,

Be an Owner-Operator

Do you want to become an owner-operator in the trucking industry? According to many financial indicators and our own experience, now is a great time to make that move. Perhaps you already have professional driving experience, or maybe you’re simply an entrepreneur with a strong business acumen. Regardless of your background, Aberstar Freight and Logistics team is here to provide viable career option as an independent owner-operator.

We enable your success as an Owner-Operator
Some might argue that our concept isn’t new…that it’s been done before. Though there may be a few other companies that claim to offer similar solutions, I can say with great confidence that no other business entity is able to offer Aberstar Freight and Logistics wide variety of services while remaining fully committed to your personal development as an independent entrepreneur.

We remain invested in your career
Our business model is built upon turning out successful business ventures, and as such, our success is very much tied to your success. Ultimately we’re working together as partners. It’s simply good business sense and in our best interest to remain highly invested in your development as an entrepreneur.

Our qualification metrics are designed to protect you
We’re here to help all of our entrepreneurs meet their business goals and to achieve the level of success they desire. But we are just as committed to fostering our relationships with our various financial and carrier partners. The benefits of those strong relationships will also be transferred to your business. It is essential for us to make sure we’re aligning all of our partners with the right entrepreneurs, and these decisions are made using various selection metrics we’ve developed and perfected during our years in the trucking business.

Are you ready?
If you’ve decided that now is the time for you to claim your stake and invest in the trucking sector, Aberstar Freight and Logistics is the partner you need. We’ll provide you with the mentoring and support to bring your business to the next level.
Take the first step and call our offices to set up a short meeting with me. We’ll walk you through our qualification process. I assure you it has been designed to not only protect you and your family, but to set you on the road to success.
Sincerely Yours,
Mike Rogers,

GM, Aberstar Freight and Logistics