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Mississauga’s Aberstar Freight and Logistics team is here to provide you with a viable career option as an independent owner-operator.

Dear friends and business partners,

Be an Owner-Operator

Do you want to become an owner-operator in the trucking industry? According to many financial indicators and our own experience, now is a great time to make that move. Perhaps you already have professional driving experience, or maybe you’re simply an entrepreneur with a strong business acumen. Regardless of your background, Aberstar Freight and Logistics team is here to provide viable career option as an independent owner-operator.

We enable your success as an Owner-Operator
Some might argue that our concept isn’t new…that it’s been done before. Though there may be a few other companies that claim to offer similar solutions, I can say with great confidence that no other business entity is able to offer Aberstar Freight and Logistics wide variety of services while remaining fully committed to your personal development as an independent entrepreneur.

We remain invested in your career
Our business model is built upon turning out successful business ventures, and as such, our success is very much tied to your success. Ultimately we’re working together as partners. It’s simply good business sense and in our best interest to remain highly invested in your development as an entrepreneur.

Our qualification metrics are designed to protect you
We’re here to help all of our entrepreneurs meet their business goals and to achieve the level of success they desire. But we are just as committed to fostering our relationships with our various financial and carrier partners. The benefits of those strong relationships will also be transferred to your business. It is essential for us to make sure we’re aligning all of our partners with the right entrepreneurs, and these decisions are made using various selection metrics we’ve developed and perfected during our years in the trucking business.

Are you ready?
If you’ve decided that now is the time for you to claim your stake and invest in the trucking sector, Aberstar Freight and Logistics is the partner you need. We’ll provide you with the mentoring and support to bring your business to the next level.
Take the first step and call our offices to set up a short meeting with me. We’ll walk you through our qualification process. I assure you it has been designed to not only protect you and your family, but to set you on the road to success.
Sincerely Yours,
Mike Rogers,

GM, Aberstar Freight and Logistics


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