Road Safety Tips

As an owner-operator and professional truck driver at Aberstar, you are aware that safety on the road is critical to shipping your cargo as well as the success and welfare of our company. Long-haul trucking is considered one of the most essential and dangerous jobs in the United States. At Aberstar, we highly prioritize our professional truck drivers. Hence, we came up with our Top 3 Road Safety Tips to help guarantee the safety of everyone:

• Maintain your truck – Ensure that your truck is in good condition all the time. A full vehicle check every morning, particularly the brakes, is vital to detecting anything unusual before you taking on a trip. It is always better safe rather than sorry.
• Load cargo wisely – Higher stacked cargo creates more drag on you r truck. Spreading freight throughout the full loading area improves fuel economy and keeps your vehicle agile. Therefore, you get to save on time and fuel accordingly.
• Take care of yourself – Get adequate sleep, eat healthily and exercise often. This will help you maintain focus and withstand long driving times behind the wheel. Remember this not only for your own safety but also for others on the road.

At Aberstar, road safety is in the heart of our business as it drives our day-to-day major operations. It only goes without saying that we care about our responsibility words our clients, our team and foremost the general public.Our road safety tips will be deemed useless if our professional truck drivers do not carry them out. That’s why at Aberstar, we make sure to provide extensive and proper training, mentorship and support to everyone in the team.

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Mike Rogers
GM, Abertar Fast freight

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